We are change agents, inspiring our clients to develop high-growth, innovative work environments where people can thrive.

We know growth is your number one priority. We are totally with you on that journey. But to succeed, your people need to be totally with you too. Without high levels of engagement from your team, your growth will stall.

But research tells us that for 85% of people, work is a joyless, miserable exchange of time for money. Outdated structures, bureaucracy, and power plays strip many modern workplaces of a sense of purpose, connection, or belonging.

We believe there is another way: organisations can be designed to be agile and adaptive to the highly changeable market context AND where people can thrive and do their best work.

Our purpose is to stimulate business founders and leaders to see the art of the possible, to open up human-centric organisation design paths and models as alternatives to traditional forms of corporate growth.

The very heart of our mission: to make work extraordinary.

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Growing adaptable, thriving tech workplaces where people can fully participate, engage and contribute


I am the founder of Work Extraordinary Ltd. We are change agents, inspiring our clients to develop creative work environments where people can thrive.